Saturday, March 26, 2011


"We need to realise that being a better musician doesn’t make you a better person, and being a not-so-good-or-so-they-say musician doesn’t make you any less of a person."

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Saturday, March 19, 2011


Today is Yuan's 19th birthday!!!!

Okay so this is the third birthday I'm celebrating for him, every year I look back at our photos and I recall how life was in the past and how much we've changed, how much we've grown.

I remember his 17th birthday I planned a surprise that night, the epic 'my friend passed me the cake through the bus door', totally unforgettable cause he was least expecting the cake to come like that. And he believed that I baked the cake. That oh-so-familiar four leaves choco exotic. It's my favorite cake and I get them for most of my friends' birthdays. Like ck's, Muhd nur, etc. And people eat it and go wow it's nice! So they buy that cake too and now I'm sick of it already. Hahahah and then the cake cutting at downtown east ehub, he even sent me home that night when we were just best friends. Yuan will then go 'yeah right best friends! Hao Jie Mei huh!' and he'd hold my hand, telling me silently that all those HJMF thing was bull shit cause we ended up together HAHA

So one year later was his 18th birthday, like a few days before his birthday I decided to bake a cake to test it out (never baked cakes before, only cookies), and a mean joke he made, stopped me from baking a cake. Till now. So yuan you see, women have wonderful memory. I can't remember when Beethoven was born, or where Haydn composed the 104 symphonies (actually I know la, it's London). But I'll never forget that comment of yours :<

So on his 18th birthday I failed to surprise him with his clique cause of he a lvls block test, and so with four of his orientation juniors we celebrated his birthday.

Thinking back, I think I suck at planning birthday parties or surprises. But this year I managed to surprise him! Okay I think biggest success factor goes to him in army and so he doesn't know what I do outside! HAHA

So for some reason I was preoccupied with history presentation, his card and his present, I totally didn't plan for tomorrow. Even the cake I didn't get!! :(

Today his aunt called me, asking me to go choose piano with her tomorrow! I told her it's his birthday and I'd be picking him and all, then she asked me what's my plan for tomorrow. I laughed and whispered, actually i've no plans for tomorrow leh. So embarrassed to tell them I didn't plan anything for my boyfriend. They must be thinking, what kind of girlfriend is this man!! His mom asked if I have plans and we were like, hehehe no plans leh.

Sigh. I really hope we still have fun tomorrow and he enjoys his day tomorrow. Oh! Maybe we should go to the jewel box! :))))

Okay gonna hurry finish up my history work and paint my nails for tomorrow! Heh heh can't wait to see my love again! Though every week it's that weird feeling I face before he books out. That 'what if it becomes an unhappy weekend' feeling. Hope everything goes well!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Ten Reasons Why I Love You

I love your gentle smile,
I love your tender touch and
I love your kisses so very, very much.
I love the way you flirt with me and
I love the way you laugh and tease,
I love the way you always find the nicest ways to please.
I love the way you cheer me up when you find me with a frown and
I love how you always raise my spirits when life has got me down.
I love you for your conscience and your true sincerity and most of all
I love you for the way that you love me.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Dave check this out!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Okay so last night yuan told me he'd be marching to the campsite today and tomorrow his SIT test will start. And this afternoon he called me but I was having piano lesson :( so he texted me to tell me he's leaving! Okay I'm really hoping he does well and I really hope he can book out on Saturday!

Initially I intended to surprise him on his birthday, with the help of his clique but Wisarut is leaving on monday! So we pushed everything forward to the coming saturday! Really hope things go well and I'm sure he will be damn surprised if he doesn't read me like a book. I even lied to him that Wisarut alr went back to Thailand! HAHAHA ok friends when you see this pls don't sabo me ok!

The thought of him being so happy makes me feel eggxcited and happy too! :D

Today over breakfast we were chatting about husbands, upbringing and all. Through the chat I considered myself as a person with good upbringing, a loud one too HAHA, but most importantly I admire how yuan was being brought up and sharing my experience and my relationship makes me realise yuan would make a good husband and a good father. That makes me not wanna let such a good guy go.

I see ourselves saving money together, getting married, planning our finances, designing our own home, starting a family, sharing our thoughts on how our child is going to be brought up. Even if we are not well to do with alot of money to spend after the necessary, I am contented. I see ourselves leading a happy life, spending the weekend flying kites with our child, we may not be able to give our child ballet lessons or golf lessons, but I still teach him music, you bring him downstairs and teach him how to ride a bicycle, play table tennis, we teach our child how to shower our cat/rabbit, I cut the food and you cook them, I wash the dishes and you mop the floor, etc..

Of course there would be times where our views on how to discipline our child is different, you want the piano here but I don't, I want a tiffany and co ring but you find it too expensive and impractical, I am angry and shouting at our child but you are protecting him or her, you want to get another two hamsters but I don't like the idea, etc..

I see happy times ahead of us, I see challenging times ahead of us, now it's too early to say anything but I believe in a few years I/we would be ready to face such times together with you.

Okay I think I've typed alot! Just feeling bored and lazy to do my stuffs and just felt like sharing how I thought then yuan can read them when he's back! :))


Wednesday, March 09, 2011


One month since yuan enlisted, and I feel so touched at the fact that besides the days he went outfield and one night he had live firing till 3am, he calls me every night without fail. Whether is it lights out, whether he has no time to bathe, whether how tired he is, he never fails to call me to tell me he loves me.

I could go on and on about how awesome my boyfriend is.

So what if his results are lousy? So what if he can't go to the local unis (Well he can still go to NIE)? So what if he can't?

He is still awesome. His character, his attitude, his love, his heart, such guys are so hard to find nowadays. I wonder how much good deeds ive done to get to be with such an awesome person.

I look around me, I see many happy couples. Yes I envy them but I also see how some guys treat my friends and I wonder how my boyfriend could do so much for me. Really amazed and touched.

Maybe it's true, that I can't live without you. And maybe two is better than one.

Monday, February 28, 2011


On my way to svf now, had only a crazy 2 and half hours nap! Anyway I slept at five when lol, yuan was supposed to wake up at five. He texted me at 7am to tell me he's going for the field camp already!

Though I was only half awake, I felt a tinge of 'can't bear to let you go' feeling. But I know he'll complete it!

Can't wait to see him but then would be end of study break D: part of me don't want study break to end ! I could really get used to not going to school for 9am lessons srsly...

Okay I'm gonna catch some sleep!